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#70  Kinfolk Wooden Wick Candle 16OZ

What if you were told there is a way to combine the mystique of a candle with the sounds and smells of wood crackling in an open fire? Does that sound too good to be true? This is exactly what you can do as soon as you start burning wood wick candles.

If you haven't heard of them, that's alright, wood wick candles are a newer style of candle on the market. Instead of the cotton wick you are accustomed to seeing coming out of the center of candles, wood wick candles have just what the name says, a wick made out of wood. At first glance, you may think someone has put a small stick in the middle of a beautiful candle. That small stick is your new wick.

Whether it's a cold winter day, or the middle of the summer, you can still create a romantic winter getaway in your home by putting a series of wood wick candles in the fireplace. Light them up, turn down the lights and reminisce. Once you light them up, you will have the soft, flickering glow of fire combined with the crackling sound of burning wood, and even a little bit of the scent that goes with the wood burning.

 16 ounce size comes with silver tin lid.


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